1. Vients was established in 2020 as a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development and design of custom apparel and home goods. Our product range includes jerseys for various sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and football, as well as footwear like canvas shoes, running shoes, outdoor shoes, sandals, and basketball shoes. Additionally, we offer a variety of pillows including regular pillows and travel pillows. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the specific needs and preferences of our clients by providing customized designs and production.

2.We have advanced printing equipment and high-quality printing materials to ensure vivid colors and high definition in our products, meeting the demands of high-quality customers.

 3.We have advanced embroidery equipment and experienced graphic designers and embroiderers, ensuring to meet the high-quality embroidery needs of our customers

 4. Our services encompass personalized customization tailored to individual, team, corporate, and wholesale clientele. We pride ourselves on prompt delivery, typically fulfilling orders within a 5-7 day timeframe. Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures satisfaction across all customer segments

5. Shipping Options: We partner with leading international logistics providers such as DHL, USPS, UPS, 4PX, YUNTU, and more, offering a range of shipping choices tailored to our customers' preferences. From standard to expedited services, we ensure efficient and reliable delivery solutions for all orders.

6. Customer's review with real photos.

7. We have an experienced team who rigorously control quality throughout the production process and ensure timely order completion. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we spare no effort in meeting their needs. For inquiries, please contact us via email:support@vients.com or WhatsApp at the following number: 0086-15105903326.

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